This is the first Millencolin shirt ever printed.
20 copies made.
© Erik 1992
This shirt was screenprinted by hand by Erik in school.
5-10 copies made.
© Erik 1992
We did not only rip the logo off, we even stole the shirt design from Foundation.
(Ripping off logos was considered cool back in 93)
5 color big rubbery print.
Yes, we made the shirt in this color.
© Erik 1993
Pocket embroidery.
© Erik 1993
We quit printing this shirt when Chiquita contacted us and threatened to sue us. This was also the end of ripping off logos for us. The trend was getting old.
Referring to our "Chiquita Chaser" song.
And we couldn't make the Chiquita shirt any longer.
© Erik 1994
The back of the Tiny Tunes Album in black & White.
© Erik 1994
Picturing our green Volkswagen van.
(Our van burned down later that summer.)
© Erik 1995
Influenced by the pinballgame The Getaway's logo. The logo was handmade with airbrush.
© Erik 1995
Script logo.
© Erik 1995
Pre-design of our official logo.
© Erik 1996
First Millencolin shirt with the word clothing involved.
© Erik 1997
Strange design picturing a drawing of a Millencolin spaceship.
© Erik 1996
Playing with stars.
© Erik 1996
The birth of our official logo.
© Erik 1997
Music and sport clothing line.
© Erik 1997
Logo with the Örebro-crest, the eagle shield in the middle. A small neck-print on the back. (the first Millencolinshirt ever with a backprint)
© Erik 1997
The Monkeys from the For Monkeys cover.
© Erik 1997
With big "22" on the back .
© Erik 1997
This logo was made back in -95, but first used as a t-shirt print in 98 and then it became the Hi-8 Adventures logo 99.
© Erik 1998
A variation of the Music & sports print.
The name refers to the gold-block look and of course our song with the same name.
© Erik 1998
A re-design of the Örebro logo.
© Erik 1998
A variation of our logo with a mesh-texture all over the print.
With a small neck-print on the back.
© Erik 1998
The logo made to the Pennybridge Pioneers album.
© Erik 1999
Logo influenced by American baseball-logos.
© Erik 2000
Referring to our song Penguins & Polarbears.
© Erik 2000
The logo for the Pennybridge Pioneers Worldwide Tour.
© Erik 2000
In my opinion the best Millencolin shirtprint up to date, but it didn't sell well at all.
© Erik 2000
New design with our polarbear and the tracklist of the Pennybridge album.
© Erik 2001
Tone in tone print.
© Erik 2001
Baseball influenced print and the start of the Millencolin clothing deluxé line.
© Erik 2001
The Home From Home album shirt.
© Erik 2002
10 year anniversary shirt. Only sold at the anniversary show in Örebro.
100 copies made.
© Erik 2002
The boombox-backdrop we had made for the second part of the Home From Home tour.
© Erik 2003
New logo including boombox, headphones and our logo.
© Erik 2003
A version of our logo.
© Erik 2003
The beast, the monster, our drummer on a t-shirt.
© Erik 2003
A new dimension of our logo.
© Erik 2003
A skull in Millencolin artwork? Maybe not typical Millencolin style, but the shir turned out pretty cool!
© Erik 2004
The official shirt for the Kingwood album.
© Erik 2005
Parts of the Kingwood cover in a "college" style.
© Erik 2005
A new version of our logo.
© Erik 2005
The logo from the Shut You Out single.
© Erik 2005
Nikola with his moose horns and the text: I saw Them Live.
© Erik 2005